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Sarsha + Berny

Lemonthyme Lodge | Tasmania

Driving out to the mountains, dark clouds brewing above, thinking yep! one of those weddings where I'm going to be working with a lot of plastic bags like a crazy bag lady, trying to keep my gear from the rain. Turning up to lemonthyme trying to find everyone, I meet the loveliest woman, one of a kind kiwi, which is always a great bonus with the accents flowing I felt right at home :). Then I got to meet Berny for a very brief moment so I had no idea what I was in for. So the running around begun, no yelling yet but a very tense feeling of overwhelming pressure to not fall over in front of everyone, but when these two finally seen each other I could feel the relieve, I finally got to know the type of person Berny was, the most kind hearted man who keeps everyone calm. Congrats guys, thank you for the fantastic day!

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